Warranty and Refunds


Appliance Warranty

A three year warranty is included for appliances that are advertised as having a warranty serviced by Appliance Doctors. The cost of this warranty is already included in the advertised price. This warranty includes parts and labor.  

All other appliances have a 1-year warranty for parts and labor. In some instances, the Manufacturer Warranty is up to 5 Years on Sealed Parts. Please keep seals unbroken.


Furniture Warranty


All furniture has a 1-year frame warranty.



In case of furniture defect, please notify us upon delivery if you believe there is a defect.

In cases of appliance defect, and all other products that require installation or assembly, please inform us no later then 10 days after delivery in order to receive a refund.

Please read the “details” section of the item(s) you are purchasing. The product includes what is described in the details section. Dish washers do not include dishes. Fridges do not include food, and beds do not include pillows or mattresses. No returns for purchasers who do not read the details section.